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Sleepsia Premium Microfiber Pillow, Pillow for sleeping, Super Soft Pillow, Cloud Pillow (Blue Pack of 1)

🐝 Micro Fibre Pillow
🐝 Premium Quality
🐝 Super Soft Pillow
🐝 Porous Pillowcase Enables Hot Air Escape
Original price ₹5,999.00
Original price ₹5,999.00 - Original price ₹5,999.00
Original price ₹5,999.00
Current price ₹969.00
₹969.00 - ₹969.00
Current price ₹969.00

Product Description

Luxury fiber fill is ultra-supportive and ultra lightweight.Fiber fill and porous pillowcase enable hot air to escape out, keeping the pillow cool.

MICROFIBER PILLOW: Sleepsia Microfiber pillows are known for their plushness.They provide a comfortable and supportive sleep surface for individuals who prefer a softer pillow. Down-like luxury fiber fill is ultra-supportive and ultra lightweight.

BREATHABLE: Our Microfiber is not as breathable as natural materials, it still offers decent airflow, allowing heat and moisture to dissipate and maintain a cooler sleeping environment.

HYPOALLERGENIC: Microfiber materials are less likely to trigger allergies compared to natural alternatives like feathers or down. They are a suitable option for people with allergies or sensitivities.

DURABLE: Microfiber Pillows are generally more durable than down or feather pillows, as the synthetic fibers are less likely to clump or break down over time.

MACHINE WASHABLE: Microfiber Pillows are often machine washable, making them convenient to clean and maintain. Always check the care instructions provided by the manufacturer. A better alternative to down ensures better hygiene.

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  • Brand SLEEPSIA
    Colour White Blue
    Size 27 X 18 X 5 Inches
    Set Content: 1 Pillow
    Warranty NA
    Material Microfiber
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  • Our passion is to provide you great comfort while sleeping. A day starts on a good note if your night is well spent in bed. For that, you need to have an important ingredient for sleep: A Pillow. A pillow that suits your posture and provides you with ultimate solace in sleep, this is what we have for you.

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