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Shipping Policy

Order Fulfilment and Timely Shipment Policy

1.1 You are expected to process orders received from the Customers through the Website in a timely manner and provide the same to the Customers within the stipulated timelines (as agreed at the time of your registration as a merchant on the Website, and as displayed on your login page ("Merchant Dashboard") failing which the order shall be cancelled for non-fulfillment).

1.2 Providing a hassle-free shopping experience to the Customer is of utmost priority, and we would like to reiterate that adherence to pre-agreed timelines for shipping of products is of essence to our relationship with you. If the products are not delivered to the Customer within the stipulated timelines the order may be cancelled, and we may be required to process a refund of the amount paid by the Customer for the same,

1.3 In spite of cancellation of an order due to non-fulfillment of the same, or delay in shipment of the product on your part, we shall be entitled to charge our fee to you in respect of such cancelled order, in consideration for the services provided by us to facilitate such order, and such fee may, at our sole discretion, be adjusted against subsequent remittances, or independently claimed from you.

1.4 Any failure to adhere to the timelines for fulfillment of an order or timely shipment of the product ordered by the Customer will be considered to be non-performance of your obligations, and repeated non-performance may lead to temporary or permanent suspension of your selling privileges on the Website.

1.5 In addition to the above, you shall be liable to indemnify us and the other Indemnified Parties (as defined in the E-Commerce Services Agreement) in accordance with the E-Commerce Services Agreement, for any cancellation due to non-fulfillment, or non-fulfillment of an order.