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Sleepsia Memory Foam Car Neck Pillow - Ultrasoft Long Drives Travel Car Seat Headrest Cushion (Black/Grey) Pack of 2

🐝 Memory Foam Material
🐝 Premium Quality Design
🐝 Adjustable Straps
🐝 Alleviates Neck Pain
🐝 Promotes Relaxation
Original price ₹6,399.00
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Original price ₹6,399.00
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Current price ₹1,799.00

Product Description

A car neck pillow is a designed to provide support and comfort to the neck while sitting in a car seat. It's particularly useful during long drives or for individuals who experience neck discomfort or pain during car journeys. These pillows are usually made from soft materials like memory foam, and they typically have a contoured shape to fit the natural curvature of the neck.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Sleepsia car neck pillow provide exceptional support for your neck during car journeys. Designed to cradle your neck and support its natural curvature, reducing strain and promoting relaxation. High-quality memory foam car pillow that conforms to your neck's contours for personalized comfort and support.

VERSATILE COMFORT: Contour shape car headrest pillow is designed to offer a high level of comfort not only during car journeys but also in other settings such as at home, in the office, or while travelling. It suggests that the pillow is adaptable and can be used in different situations to provide relaxation and support wherever it is needed.

ELASTIC STRAPS: This feature allows you to easily adjust the pillow to your preferred height and position, ensuring optimal comfort and stability during your journey. Whether you're tall or short, the elastic strap ensures that the pillow stays in place, providing reliable support for your neck and promoting proper posture while driving.

UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: This car headrest cushion is designed to fit seamlessly in all car models. Its elastic strap ensures effortless installation on any car seat, while also securing the headrest in position to prevent sliding. Enjoy a hassle-free experience with guaranteed stability and comfort, regardless of your vehicle type.

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  • Brand SLEEPSIA
    Colour Black/Grey
    Size  33.02 x 28 x 11.43 inches (LxBxH)
    Set Content: 2 Pillow
    Warranty NA
    Material Memory Foam
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