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Sustainable Way to Sleep

A Sustainable Way to Sleep: Latex Foam Mattresses and Pillows

Comfortable and supportive while at the same time being safe, sustainable, and biodegradable, All-Natural latex might be the material of choice for mattresses and sleeping products in the future. The rubber tree (hevea brasiliensis) is the source of this material. As it’s a natural source we can rest easy knowing that it will be safe for our family and the environment. After all, the Earth is our home which we all share and we have to take care of it the same way we take care of our homes.

Everyone gets a product with certain expectations about its comfort and how it will help us in our lives. An environmentally safe bed is useless if it does not make the customer happy. So, a bed has to be comfortable and provide proper support.

Mattresses, in particular, are a growing problem for the waste management industry. Several states are considering laws that state that mattresses have to be recycled and not discarded. Beds that use chemicals in their manufacturing are toxic to the Earth and can sit in landfills for centuries, poisoning the planet.

Natural Latex is the way to go if you wish to balance personal comfort and safety with the environment.

  • 85% - 86% of consumers are satisfied with their all-natural latex mattresses.
  • Latex beds are effective at reducing back pain by providing proper support.
  • They stay cooler and dissipate body heat better.
  • They naturally resist mold and mildew.
  • They are naturally resistant to dust mite growth. Dust mites are responsible for asthma, breathing issues, and many allergic reactions.
  • The rubber tree is the source of natural latex. Sustainable latex farms ensure that new trees are planted to replace the old ones. The trees themselves are tapped while they are growing and they continue to live, purifying the air.
  • Latex mattresses usually last between 15 and 40 years (considerably longer than the 5 - 10 average of other mattresses).
  • Once they reach the end of their life, they are biodegradable and easily recyclable.

So how do you choose the best latex mattress when purchasing

To get the best latex mattress for the money you need to ensure it meets a few key specifications. This ensures that the bed you get is best for you and the planet.

  • Verify that the material is 100% natural latex, meaning no fillers, blends, or other mattress cores. Be aware, that brands can claim a foam is “natural” when it contains synthetic latex so make sure you see 100%.
  • Know which products the manufacturer used with their mattress for testing its flame-resistant standards. Wool is usually the best option.
  • Search for brands that do not use harsh chemicals in their manufacturing.
  • When looking for a cover, go for a certified organic cotton one.
  • Look for a bed that meets Oeko-Tex Standard 100, one of the most rigorous testing processes which ensure a product is free from harmful chemicals.
  • If you are buying online, consider a retailer that ships their beds compressed as opposed to full-size, as this can cut down on fuel usage.

So, is latex the best there is?

All-natural latex could very well be the material of the future. If we need to live comfortably and sustainably and care for the environment, the material of our beds is the best place to start. Latex might not be the best for everyone but it does satisfy the vast majority of people and also makes the planet happy. This planet is the only one we got. While we can move out of our homes and search or build new ones if we so desire, we do not have another planet to move to at the moment. So, it is our responsibility to take care of the only true home we have in this universe. If you are shopping for a comfortable, safe and environmentally sustainable bed look no further than natural latex.

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